2022 will soon be ending and it will be a new year to start over again. We will get another chance to fulfil our new year goals and express new year greetings for the people who we love and admire. We wish you a Happy New Year 2023 and may this be the year when you complete all your dreams into reality.

Express your new year greetings with a customised gift to your beloved one. What is a better gift for your favourite lady than a custom-stitched saree which she can wear with such ease. No matter whether you buy your new year cake for your new year party but you must consider sending a special new year gift for anyone you love.


One of the special new year gift ideas is to send a pre-pleated saree for your loved ones. is all about offering you custom-stitched i.e. pre-stitched or pre-pleated sarees made just for you based on your body measurements.


Amongst all the new year outfit ideas for new year eve celebration and new year day, a saree is something that stands both as a party wear and yet as a traditional attire. Shop all your new year outfit ideas as they pop up in your mind but don’t forget to shop custom-stitched saree only on

Looking through the internet for new year outfit ideas is not a new thing but rather everyone who does the search ends up buying the same new year outfit as per their new year outfit ideas. Therefore, recommends you to shop a custom-stitched pre-pleated saree made just for your loved ones or even for yourself as a personal new year gift to celebrate at a personal level. will make your new year eve a happy new year eve this December 31st ,2022. Shop sarees from anywhere in India and get them delivered to your doorstep. Therefore, if you are someone living in Delhi and wants to shop a classy Bengali-style saree then you get it right into your hands without going to a specialised store. Shop your cotton saree, silk saree, satin saree, sequin saree, chiffon saree, cotton silk saree, kanjivaram saree, embroidered saree and much more only on


Saree Collection


Saree has been draped by Women in the Indian subcontinent for over several centuries. It has evolved as a special fashion apparel for women and it remained as a household or everyday fashion garment. It is not until the advent of British Colonialism in the 19th Century that saree gained more of a fashionable appeal at global level. Today, saree draping is desired by almost everyone around the globe.

However, it is art to know how to drape a saree and thus, the saree pleats and pinning is a difficult task for those outside the culture of South Asia. brings to you a saree that is so easy to drape in less than a minute. Shop any saree and submit your measurements to get a perfectly custom-stitched One Minute Saree.

As one has rightly said, even though saree draping is a difficult and tedious task to fulfil but still saree love is a forever love and it is actually a true love for some girls. One Minute Saree is custom-stitched for everyone and thus, we are offering a limited-period free delivery offer all this new year offer. Celebrate this new year 2023 with us by shopping online for your first designer One Minute Saree now.


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Where is the best new year party 2023?

You can find a fun new year party 2023 in numerous locations across Mumbai and all other metropolitan cities.

Can we send Christmas and New year wishes together?

Yes, you can send Christmas and New Year wishes together during the New Year Celebrations 2023 or Christmas Day 2022.

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