Casual Sarees

    Wear a saree casually??  Partying on a Friday night and to wear a saree seemed almost impossible. Sarees for dance are now surprisingly enjoyable and comfortable, presenting an easy to wear saree as casual wear from One Minute Saree. Just be confident and drape the saree in a much simpler way and feel like a superstar as we offer a range of linen, cotton and lightweight sarees for when you just feel like it!


    Sarees are often considered to be too traditional and not every generation loves to drape a typical saree. Casual sarees are trending everywhere with their durability, casual design and stylish appeal to the younger generation. Today’s young girls prefer to drape a saree that is easy to wear and quite comfortable to their skin. They don’t want to worry about any pins, pleating or anything that is uncomfortable for them to carry around their work. A simple saree like georgette saree, cotton saree, floral saree, printed saree, art silk saree and so much more can be considered a casual saree.

    A casual saree with simple saree blouse designs can make your workplace appearance so much better or even if you think of draping it at your neighborhood party, a casual saree will never disappoint your aura and will make you the highlight of every space. If a simple saree is what defines your taste in this classic feminine staple then a casual saree is perfect for you. presents to you an exclusive range of casual sarees like a georgette saree or a floral saree that will go well for your daily casual affairs or even significant work meetings.


    Readymade saree is a dream of every woman as it will get her ready in no time and she can dazzle even without any hassles. makes this even more convenient by stitching a saree based on your provided body measurements. This casual one minute saree will make your day brighter as the comfort and stylish personality is nothing compared to an unstitched saree.

    Every girl deserves to own a casual saree made by as the overall sense of ease and comfort is beyond expectations. No matter if it is a cotton saree, art silk saree or a printed saree, any casual saree can be pre-stitched. Shop the best of casual sarees online only here with custom-stitching options like beautiful yet simple saree blouse designs. A readymade saree is perfect for a busy day which you want to make more appealing and in the end, you still want to have a blissful evening.


    Shop simple saree blouse designs for your casual sarees with casual design like a georgette saree, cotton saree, floral saree, printed saree or art silk saree and all of them can be pre-stitched or in short, made into a readymade saree for your comfort. Experience saree draping along with wearing simple saree blouse designs from like nowhere else as we are making a saree revolution is the world by bringing forward simple saree with casual design so that everyone can drape a saree of their choice if what they are looking for is a minimalistic design approach in their closet. A simple saree is the future of sarees for Gen Z as they prefer something very simple and over that, they can make it look more funky or bold. Therefore, do not simply think that these casual sarees with casual design will remain simple but rather, they could further be revolutionized with additional accessories to make them funkier. As this design innovation is not possible with traditional or other printed sarees.

    Modern sarees come with a twist of ethnic designs and contemporary style. Earlier sarees were meant to be dressed during special occasions as they took much more effort. Today, times have changed and innovation in design techniques has facilitated the stylish purpose of saree i.e. to drape it for any casual occasion whether it is a dance party or any weekend plans. All the sarees are guaranteed to fit as they are customizable according to your size requirements.

    Every saree can be custom made including waist size, height, drape length and blouse designs. Thus, we are crafting out the right fit only for you as you want it. Shop from a wide range of fabrics - crepe silk, chiffon silk, organza silk, georgette silk and more. Even the prints and patterns on sarees come in floral prints, hand dyed, monochromatic and many more. You have a choice from a much more variety of easy to wear sarees than ever before by any fashion retailer. It is now very easy to select and buy the best Indian sarees right from your home. One Minute Saree is here to deliver the saree of your dreams so you just have to select, add customizations, complete other details and delivery will be made right to you.