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They say "necessity is the mother of invention"  and so... One Minute Saree 

Every saree is a work of art.  As a second-generation Indian in the USA I would look forward to an opportunity to wear a saree with excitement and anxiety. Though I absolutely love the look and feel of the beautiful designs and fabrics, wearing a saree was such a hassle - Starting from what to wear it with to how to make it stay on and how many pins I may need to make it stay in place.

The creation of One Minute Saree was kismet.  I love sarees, but I rarely wore them. My last experience prior to starting One Minute Saree was several years ago. I had been to a wedding with my 4 and 1 year old daughter and despite my better judgement, mustered the confidence to wear a saree.  It looked beautiful, but I found myself running to the ladies room every 30 minutes to adjust and fix the darn thing.  Two small children pulling at it form every side didn't help.  I was utterly traumatized by the experience.

Fast forward a year later, on a trip to India, a colleague experienced a similar problem when her mother in law insisted she wear a saree to a wedding, despite her preference for an easy to wear dress.  Through talks with tailors and, the solution came about – “One Minute Saree”! 

Products had been in the market for "Pre-stitched" Sarees and "Saree dresses", but these sacrificed the fluid and adaptable soul of the saree.   Through several iterations,  we created a design to maintain the beauty of the saree as a free flowing work of art, while making it easy to wear.  My first time wearing one, I was in awe - the fit was secure and it literally took less than a minute to wear.   I instantly thought to myself  "Every women who has ever thought of wearing a saree needs to try this!" 

And here we are now, OneMinuteSaree.com - we hope you enjoy it!

- Sasha Revankar - Founder

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