Introducing the ready to wear Gujarati Drape Saree by One Minute Saree®

As pioneers in making South Asian ethnic fashion more accessible and comfortable, One Minute Saree® introduces and easy to wear "Gujarati" style drape for all of its saree options.

Here's how it works:

Sarees have been draped for over centuries across the Indian subcontinent and the saree draping techniques have been evolved since then. The regular saree drape is popular globally and One Minute Saree already makes custom-stitched sarees with this regular over-the-shoulder drape. Gujarati drape is the next most popular way of saree draping originated in the Western part of India, more specifically in the State of Gujarat. 


Today, Gujarati drape is popular all over the world wherever the Indian diaspora has reached. is proud to present to you the world’s very first pre-stitched and pre-pleated Gujarati Drape One Minute Saree. Gujarati saree draping is unique in terms of wrapping and pleating of a saree. Usually, a saree is wrapped around, pleats are made and then the pallu is thrown over the left shoulder from the front. 

However, a Gujarati saree drape is quite opposite where a saree is wrapped around the waist and then from behind the pallu is thrown over the right shoulder and brought in front. Pleats are made near the waist and pinned properly. Later, the pallu gets properly pleated and pinned while covering the front of the body. has made yet another revolution in the world of saree draping by making a custom-stitched and pre-pleated Gujarati drape just for you. Forget the hassles of pinning and pleating in our all-new and first-of-its-kind Gujarati drape. Any saree that you want to buy on can be stitched as a Gujarati Drape.


Step 1 - Select your favorite One Minute Saree

Step 2 - Fill out all the required body measurements

Step 3 - Under ‘Shoulder Drape Style’, you can select ‘Gujarati Drape’ amongst three other shoulder drape options.

Step 4 - Add to cart and complete your payment at the checkout.

You have just shopped for a gorgeous Gujarati Drape One Minute Saree without going through all the trouble of learning to pleats and the mess of pinning. Sit back and relax until you can go ga-ga once your order is delivered at your doorstep anywhere in the world within 14 days of order placement.