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Whoever you are, wherever you are, now you can enjoy the glamour and elegance of this classic feminine staple.


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Sarees have been worn by woman for over 4000 years.  

One Minute Saree takes the mystery out of how to wear a saree .  Our unique, patent-pending, wrap and wear sarees make the tradition, the elegance, and the sheer joy of wearing a saree accessible to everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity or geography. 

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We know it is your very special day and get ready to add that extra touch of elegance with the most elegant and beautiful sarees for your bridesmaids.

Explore our saree collections and get in touch for a customized experience like no where else and simply start dreaming of your wedding day with your besties.

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We bring forward the classic woman's fashion apparel from India to the whole world. One Minute Saree is a readymade saree with customized stitching that is on the verge of becoming a sensational global phenomenon.

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Saree is something so phenomenal that every woman has to own one in her wardrobe. As history tells us, a saree has been worn for centuries and centuries but it remains a desirable fashion staple for every woman. The draping of a saree has evolved and it has been differentiated from one another. Not every person can drape it and thus, a readymade saree is preferred for someone new to this process of saree draping. Readymade saree or stitched saree is perfect for quick saree draping that allows any woman to drape it in less than a minute.

Introducing where any saree can be stitched into a pre stitched saree based on your body measurements. Sarees are pure love or we can say forever love to every woman. They love to shop readymade stitched sarees from stores. They love to shop sarees from flea markets or they love to shop sarees from a sale but any saree remains quite special to them. At the core of their heart, every woman wants to drape sarees for special occasions. Often, women outside the Indian traditional households find it difficult to drape a saree. And thus, a readymade saree comes in very handy to drape with attaching the buttons.

Thus, brings to you readymade saree party wear, readymade saree for wedding, ready to wear saree with a heavy blouse, Ready to wear saree with Stitched blouse, or any pleated saree made with whichever fabric you desire. At One Minute Saree universe, you can shop readymade pleated saree as you like for any occasion. Shop the best Ready to wear one minute saree now at affordable prices with Best-discounted deals.

A saree is a free-flowing piece of fabric and it goes through the finishing process once the customer purchases it. Pre stitched saree is a custom-stitched saree based on your submitted measurements at the time of buy. A tailor stitches the fabric into a Pre pleated saree. Along with hooks, buttons, finishing, etc to offer you an enhanced readymade saree online experience.

Shop Pre pleated saree now on at low prices and get to choose from a curated collection of designer saree blouse designs. offers you an experience of saree draping like never before. So your next party wear saree can be pre-stitched.

Often women get confused about Pre stitched saree, Pre pleated saree and Pre draped saree. Pre pleated saree and Pre draped saree are all Pre stitched sarees as it refers to the custom stitching of the saree. Pre pleated saree and Pre draped sarees refer to the pleating or the folding of saree pleats and then stitching them together. In the end, Oh Lady! You need not have any worries with regards to Pre Stitched saree, Pre draped saree, or Pre pleated saree. But shop a Ready to wear One minute saree and all your questions will disappear.

If you are looking for some Hatke saree blouse options then you have reached the right place. is all about the Ready to wear saree. With Heavy blouse, readymade saree blouse, Ready to wear saree with Stitched blouse, and much more. Get sparkling sequin blouses for your readymade stitched saree, readymade saree for Wedding, and readymade saree party wear. Shop Readymade saree blouse Design with unique neck designs and back designs like nowhere else. While shopping at, you can shop for a saree and then go through a list of unique saree blouse designs.

WELCOME TO ONEMINUTESAREE.IN is all about the saree revolution that every girl. And every woman across the globe has been waiting for… brings to you Ready to wear saree, readymade saree, stitched saree, draped saree, pleated saree, or any way you want to mention. It but in short it is about the custom-stitched saree draping experience. that makes your feminine personality to shine brighter and blossoms to fullest. is a part of a global pleated saree online shop that ships Pre pleated saree all over the globe. has exclusive discounts and offers made available for saree lovers in India. Shop the best-discounted deal on a Ready to wear saree with stitched blouse now for this forthcoming festive season. Get your order with free delivery anywhere in India with easy returns and refunds available.