How to Style Saree Skirts: Tips and Tricks for Every Occasion

How to Style Saree Skirts: Tips and Tricks for Every Occasion

There's no denying that saree skirts are beautiful. As a woman who loves exploring new styles and embracing the charm of ethnic wear, we’ve found saree skirts to be a versatile and stylish addition to your wardrobe. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or someone looking to add a touch of tradition to your everyday outfits, saree skirts offer endless possibilities. This blog will guide you through various ways to style saree skirts for different occasions, ensuring you always look your best.

Understanding Saree Skirts

Gauri Pink Silk Blend Floral Banarasi Wrap Around Ethnic Saree Skirt

Saree skirts are a modern twist on the traditional Indian saree. They retain a saree's elegance while offering a skirt's convenience. Originating from India, these skirts have evolved into various styles, such as the wrap around saree skirt and sari wrap skirts, making them suitable for various occasions. The benefits of incorporating saree skirts into your wardrobe are manifold—they are comfortable, easy to wear, and can be styled in numerous ways.

Styling Tips for Everyday Wear

For everyday wear, saree skirts can be both comfortable and stylish. Here are some tips to nail the casual look:

  • Casual looks: Pair your saree skirt with a simple blouse or t-shirt. This combination offers a relaxed yet stylish vibe, perfect for a day out or a casual gathering.
  • Footwear and accessories: Complement your look with comfortable footwear like sandals or flats. Add minimalistic jewelry and a casual handbag to keep it simple yet stylish.
  • Example outfits: A wrap around saree skirt paired with a plain white t-shirt and sandals creates a breezy, casual look. Add a pair of sunglasses and a tote bag to complete the attire.

Elevating Saree Skirts for Formal Occasions

Zaira Pink Art Silk Leheriya Wrap Around Ethnic Saree Skirt

Saree skirts can also be dressed up for formal events. Here’s how to elevate your style for special occasions:

  • Choosing the right saree skirt design: Opt for Indian saree skirts that are embroidered, embellished, or made from silk for a more formal appearance.
  • Pairing with elegant blouses and accessories: Match your skirt with a sophisticated blouse. Choose a piece of elegant jewelry and a clutch to add a touch of glamour.
  • Makeup and hairstyle tips: Go for a classic makeup look with bold lips and a neat updo or loose curls to enhance your formal attire.
  • Example outfits: Pair a silk saree skirt with an embroidered blouse and bold earrings for a wedding. Finish with stilettos and a clutch for a polished look.

Fusion Fashion with Saree Skirts

Hibana Black Banarasi Silk Wrap Around Ethnic Saree Skirt

For those who love blending traditional and modern styles, saree skirts are perfect for creating a fusion fashion look:

  • Combining traditional and contemporary elements: Mix your saree skirt with western tops, jackets, or even crop tops to create a unique outfit.
  • Tips for creating a unique fusion fashion look: Experiment with colors and textures. Don’t be afraid to mix prints and patterns.
  • Celebrity and influencer inspirations: Many fashion influencers and celebrities are embracing the fusion fashion trend. Look to them for inspiration on how to style your saree skirt.
  • Example outfits: A sari wrap skirt paired with an Indo-western jacket, vest coat, and ankle boots create a trendy fusion look. Add a belt to accentuate your waist and a crossbody bag for practicality.

Shopping for Saree Skirts

When it comes to shopping for saree skirts, here are some tips to help you find the perfect piece:

  • Where to buy saree skirts online: One of the best places to shop for saree skirts online is One Minute Saree. We offer a wide variety of saree skirts that cater to different styles and occasions. Other popular websites include Amazon and Etsy, but for specialized Indian saree skirts, our store provides curated collections and quality assurance.
  • Tips for selecting the right size and fit: At One Minute Saree, we provide detailed size charts and customer reviews to help you choose the perfect fit. Look for adjustable features like drawstrings or elastic waists to ensure comfort and versatility.
  • Budget-friendly options vs. high-end designer saree skirts: Whether you're looking for affordable saree skirts or high-end designer pieces, One Minute Saree has options for every budget. Explore our collections to find the perfect saree skirt that meets your style and financial needs.


Saree skirts are a versatile and stylish choice for any wardrobe. They offer endless styling possibilities, from casual everyday wear to formal occasions and even fusion fashion. Experiment with different looks, mix and match, and most importantly, have fun with your fashion choices. We hope these tips and tricks help you embrace the charm of saree skirts. Visit One Minute Saree for a fantastic selection of saree skirts and more. If you have any styling tips or experiences with saree skirts, please leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

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