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Valentine’s Day 2023, just like all the previous celebrations, is a celebration of love and more specifically people in love. It is the day when lovers express their lovemost uniquelyy by shopping special Valentines day gifts for her and Valentines day gifts for him. Sarees are a century-old fashion apparel that has been worn by women and today, it still remains a popular and trendy fashion garment.

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History of Valentine’s Day is a century-old story that has originated from paganism and Christianity. As in the beginning, Europe was observing Pagan gods and rituals and later on, it started adapting with Christianity. It is believed that the current concept of love around Saint Valentine’s Day is an amalgamation of two origins from both Pagan gods and Christian martyrs. Today, Valentines Day 2023 celebration is simply a celebration of any kind of love and romance, it is not seen as something religious but rather an urban cultural concept.



Modern love is defined around the concept of love during Valentine’s Day rather than the actual history of Valentine's Day. Let’s dive back in the early 8th Century, Saint Valentine’s Feast or Feast of Saint Valentine was started to observe and honour the martyrdom of Saint Valentine. The Martyrdom story had no connection to love. However, an origin story from the Pagan gods of love, marriage and fertility back in Ancient Rome tells us about the festival where rituals about fertility were organised and they had no connection to love, similar to Feast of Saint Valentine.

Much later in the recent history of Valentine’s Day, the connection of love with Saint Valentine appeared in Geoffrey Chaucer’s poem about ‘Valentine’s Day’ and this happened 700 years after the end of the Ancient Rome paganism ritual. In the year 1797, once again the connection of love into the History of Valentine’s Day was revitalised as it was seen in the Valentine’s Day cards published by a British Publisher. These cards had verses quite similar to Chaucer's Valentine’s Day poem.

In the United States, this publication of Valentine’s Day cards eventually became a trendy thing and thus, the concept of love around the celebration of Saint Valentine’s Day became an inseparable thing. Today, Valentine’s Day is all about the red and passionate love with a cupid’s arrow’s strike. This Valentine’s Day 2023, it would be a much larger celebration of love since the catastrophic pandemic that the world has survived and today, even more love is needed for every individual. Therefore, no one would share any more pain but rather join the celebration of love on this Valentine’s Day 2023 with special Valentines Day wishes, Valentines Day gifts for her and Valentines Day gifts for him.



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When is Valentines Day?

Valentines Day 2023 is on February 14 just like every year. In Christianity, this day is celebrated as the Feast of Saint Valentine.

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